Candidacy Update 10-21-11

It occurs to me that it’s been over almost a month since I’ve posted to this blog.

Furthermore, it occurs to me that the last time I posted something that was directly relevant to the title of this blog “Jono the Lutheran” i.e. candidacy stuff was well over two months ago.

Fail.  I’ll take the giant red “F” now, because not only did I not post, but I neglected to post during a period of time where there really was a pretty decent amount of stuff happening.  But, here’s a brief summary:

  • Back on September 1st, I officially completed the initial candidacy entrance application and my entrance essay.  In all honesty, I had filled out the application months ago, and was merely waiting to be finished with and satisfied with my essay before submitting this paperwork.  I’ll devote a post entirely to my essay later in the week, because it’s that important
  • A week later, on September 8th, I went home to Pennsylvania and my home congregation Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Delmont.  As part of the ELCA’s candidacy process, candidates must be registered with an active congregation and need to have been a member for over a year.  Obviously this wasn’t an issue, but the Pastor and church council need to fill out some paperwork to this extent, and I wanted to make sure that every member of the council was still able to put a face to my name.  I attended the monthly meeting of our church council as a guest and took the time to re-introduce myself to them, and hand out copies of my essay.  I talked a little about the candidacy process,my discernment process and also answered a few questions.I was nervous initially, but after a while I loosened up and was able to be a lot more casual with the council members.  The following Sunday at church, our interim Pastor announced to the congregation that I’m hoping to go to seminary and apparently a lot of older members came up to my parents to congratulate them.  It’s good to know that I have support coming from all around.
  • I knocked out the next big chunk (and often considered the most daunting part) of candidacy stuff earlier this week…  Monday afternoon, I sat down with my campus pastor Matthew Riegel who proctored my psychological tests.  Over the course of about 6 hours, I filled in well over a thousand “scantron” bubbles for different kinds of personality and psychological tests.  It was obnoxious, but it’s done and submitted. If a month or so, I’ll meet with a psychologist/psychiatrist at the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute who will go over my scores and further evaluate my psychological health in a one-on-one interview.
Fortunately, the largest chunk of candidacy stuff is now behind me.  I still need to do a one-on-one interview with a member of the candidacy committee, which I will likely be setting up sometime in the near future, I need to get a background check, and I need to do my meeting/interview with the entire candidacy committee.  Oh, and I need to actually apply to seminary itself (which is a slightly separate but similar process) somewhere in there too.
Thank you to everyone who has been supportive thus far, please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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