Jono becomes an internet CELEBRITY

Two notes that didn’t get included in my last post, one because I simply forgot, another because it didn’t happen until today.

First and foremost, I wanted to mention that I recently learned that the candidacy committee meeting in which I am scheduled for entrance (to begin seminary education) is scheduled for May 18th in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Knowing this is a mixed blessing.  On one hand, it’s cool to know the deadline I’m working toward, AND to know that this important meeting which so heavily has an effect on my life is not scheduled over top of some other crucial thing I might need to be at.  On the other, it’s slightly terrifying knowing that if I for some reason get denied or deferred that I’ll have a very limited amount of time to figure out what my other options might be for the following year.  I’m confident that I won’t have any problems, and that if I do, other opportunities will present themselves, but it’s always a good idea to think about those “what if?” situations.


On a completely different note, I’d like to direct your attention to the screenshot I took off my computer included below:

You’ll notice 60 page views on the busiest day for this blog, with the busiest day being TODAY.  The second busiest day, just for reference was 53 views, and that was the day I posted my “Why the Summer Intern Called the Cops” blog post.

Here’s what happened…

Julie Stecker, Associate Director of Admissions at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg received a google alert email about my most recent post regarding my decision to attend LTSG.  (Ironically enough, she’ll also undoubtedly get an email notifying her of this one as well, since I’ve mentioned LTSG).

From there, she got in touch with me via Facebook.  I quote her here without her direct permission (Julie, you know how to get in touch with me if you DO for some reason want your comments removed) because I think it adds an essential piece to this story.

We’re really excited that you’re going to be joining our community! And the blog post was great. I mean, obviously, we think so, but it presents a lot of fair and balanced view of why you chose the seminary you chose, which I think could be helpful not only for those looking at LTSG, but people discerning in general.  Would you mind if we shared it from the seminary’s facebook page?  We really do mean it when we say we want people to go to the seminary that’s best for them, even if it’s not ours, so that “feeling right” part is perfect.

In the 2 hours or so since she shared a link to my blog post, I’ve jumped from 20ish views for today to 60 and climbing.  I’m honored to have my story shared with so many different friends of the seminary, and as I told Julie during our conversation, I’m excited at the possibility that someone, somewhere along the line might benefit from reading the comments on my blog.  Furthermore, this blog is a major tool for MY continued discernment; being able to compose my thoughts in written word helps me to organize and understand them that much better.

For anyone exploring a vocation in ministry, I think you’ll all understand the idea of certain things just feeling right or clicking in just the right way.  It’s likely how you ended up starting to look at ministry as a career.  I hope that as you explore your options for seminary, you’ll take the time the find the seminary that clicks and feels right for you.


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