All things Lutheran…

I thought it would be appropriate to give an update on where I stand as far as a few different things.  So here’s what I’ve got:

  • Last month, on February 28th, I did my initial structured candidacy interview with Pastor David Gleason in downtown Pittsburgh at First Lutheran Church.  First let me say, Pastor Gleason was a BLESSING to work with.  So many different parts of the candidacy process have been difficult to set up, but he worked to accommodate my schedule and got me into his office within a week of me actually getting in touch with him.  While I was a bit nervous, interviewing with him worked out more like a conversation than a formal job interview, and helped me understand a bit more about myself and my call.  Afterwards, he took the time to show me around the church (an absolutely beautiful building) and talk to me a bit about his congregation.  Really fascinating stuff.  I’m looking forward to the possibility of heading up there some Sunday in the near future to experience worship with his congregation.
  • Next, somewhere around that time I received my financial aid notification from LTSG.  They will be giving me $5,500 towards my first year’s tuition.  I’m grateful for what they’re able to give me, because that’s $5,500 that won’t need to come out of my savings or out of student loans, and every little bit counts.  What’s ESPECIALLY cool about this is that they also wrote to me to tell me that they’re changing the way that they spend scholarship money under a new program called “Scholars of Abundance.”  You can read the press release linked above for a more definitive explanation, but essentially, they gave me a bit less this year than they might have historically given a person like me during their first year.  But, that “savings” will go towards my final year, and I’ll receive my fourth year of seminary tuition-free as a result of this program.  Cool beans!
  • More recently, I found out that I have been officially hired to serve on summer staff at Camp Lutherlyn this year.  This will be my sixth summer on staff, and I’m really excited to be serving camp again as a Unit Leader this summer.  The three Unit Leaders serve as direct supervisors for the counselors, coordinating a lot of the day-to-day planning for camp.  At the same time however, you’re also sort of a counselor to the counselors themselves.  I really enjoyed my summer as a unit leader in 2010 because while you have to do a lot of office work and while pretty much anything “bad” that happens at camp comes across your proverbial desk, you also get to have a hands-on role in creating the camp experience, and knowing that you had a hand in all of the successes.  I’ll probably be posting more about camp as we get closer to it.  I’m really excited to have this opportunity to spend one last summer at Lutherlyn before seminary.
  • Finally, I was asked to write a reflection about the National Youth Gathering for the church newsletter at my home congregation.  Personally, (to toot my own horn) I think I have a really cool perspective on the gathering having gone once as a youth and again as a volunteer staff member with the ELCA’s “Gathering Volunteer Corps.”  I’ll post the article itself tomorrow.

Five days ago, March 13th, was exactly two months until WVU commencement.  It’s hard to think that I’m so close to the end of my time here in West Virginia.  I’ll be home for Spring Break from March 23-April 1, so if you’re someone who knows me from the Pittsburgh area, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can have lunch or something.  Thanks to everyone for your continued support and prayers.


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