Back from camp, next stop: Gettysburg

Several hours before sunset, a group of young adults assembles on a lonely hilltop in rural Southwestern PA.  These men and women gather in front of a large cross, spending time together worshipping their God and remembering the fellowship they had shared, and the campers whose lives they had changed in the months leading up to this day.  The service continues for an hour or two and concludes just ahead of sunset with a blessing.

Tears are shed, hugs are shared; individuals say their goodbyes before walking back down the hill, to their packed belongings, to their cars, to the rest of their lives.  Some leave within minutes of that final blessing, others spend more time: reminiscing, hugging, hoping for some sort of continuance to the summer.  But all must make that lonely walk back the hill at some point.

A week ago, I made this journey to Lutherlyn’s “Chapel Hill,” participating in this worship service, and heading back down to the hill and to my home afterwards.

In the week since I’ve been home, I’ve relaxed and gotten a few projects completed for my move to seminary in Gettysburg next week, but everything has yet to really sink in.  My brain seems completely ready and willing to believe that I’ll be heading back to Morgantown in a few days, or even back to camp.  I am by no means in denial, but it’s hard to believe how different my life will be in just a week.

I move to Gettysburg on Wednesday and have my first day of summer Greek on Friday morning.  That gives me a little bit to get settled in and spend time with family, but then I’ll be launched full speed ahead into biblical Greek.

Now that I’m back from camp and to the wired world, I’ll be posting again, probably some reflections on my summer at camp, but also keeping you updated about how things are going as I get settled into Gettysburg.

At this point, I’d really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  I know this is all doable, but that doesn’t make me any less anxious.  I just need to take it one step at a time.


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